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Who We Are

SINA is a Trusted and Experienced International Partner

With offices in Canada, the United States, Belgium, Spain and Mexico, SINA has a multinational experience and resources around the world to meet the needs of the 21st Century marketplace. SINA crafts business and go-to-market strategies for clients. But even more importantly, SINA sparks execution. We work to balance what we consider the most important 6 dimensions of your company’s adaptative future: your strategy, your structure, the talent you may have, the DNA culture and the systems you have in place. Everything under one bigger dimension: your purpose.

Digital Implementation
Solutions for Human Capital

Digital Solutions through 
Intelligent Automation

Digital Implementation
Solutions for Human Capital

A Digital Innovations
Technology Laboratory

Strategy and Execution
of your transformation

SINA is Part of a Family of
Five Service Companies Dedicated
to Transformation

180+ Professionals Strong
28 Nationalities

Atlanta      Montreal      Brussels      Granada      Mexico City   

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